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Yes that's right, here is a PayPal button!
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Why donations?
If you can, WE WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE YOU TO DONATE YOUR TIME - that is, learn to use the GECK and help with the project. 
What do I get for my donation?
Nothing, absolutly nothing. This mod will be completely free to download and play. 
You can still download it, or use this site, or whatever without donating.
How much do I have to donate?
At least one cent.  Otherwise, PayPal won't let you donate. 
However, with a one cent donation, your money goes straight to paypal because of the fee.
I am rich and I want to donate $1,000 but I want to become a moderator, or some other such deal.  Will you do it?
No.  You can donate as much as you want, but it won't get you anything extra.
Well, maybe we'll put your name in the credits.
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