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Fallout: The Story is a work in progress mod built in the Fallout: New Vegas engine (no DLCs needed). It is our main design goal to keep the look and feel of this all-time classic intact. Which means it is a lot of work and needs all the support it can get!

What is the progress on locations like so far?
Many of the major areas have been worked on. Vault 13 and 15 are both constructed and completed. Other areas like Shady Sands and Junktown have substantial progress on them as well. Areas such as The Hub, The Glow, Necropolis, and the Raider Camp have begun development.

What is the travel system like in Fallout: The Story?
We have constructed a completely new travel system which is very similar to the travel system used in the original Fallout. The system allows you to walk the map (much like the original game) to discover locations. There are also things such as random encounters and the ability to flee that we have implemented. The system will be node based like the original, so you travel from one small worldspace to another. It is not a continuous landscape like Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas. We have plans to add one larger worldspace which allows a bit more exploration, (an Easter egg so to say) but this will be implemented at the end of development.

What quest lines are completed?
Due to the extremely numerous amount of quests in the original Fallout, we have completed only several, but most should be completed by the end of development. Quest lines for Vault 13, Vault 15 and Junktown  have been completed, and the quest lines for Shady Sands have also begun development.

What creatures will we see in Fallout: The Story?
All creatures from the original Fallout are completed in their original forms. We have also reused creatures from Fallout: New Vegas, but we have modified them to better suit the stylistic design of the mod.

What types of armor and clothing will we see in Fallout: The Story?
To keep the stylistic view of the mod, many wearable items have been retextured to fit the look and feel of the original Fallout. This means Fallout: The Story will look a bit cleaner than Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas, but this change is intended.

What are the buildings, objects, and other meshes like in Fallout: The Story?
Because of the amazing modding community, many resources were already available to us! We also have created our own objects and meshes for the mod as well.

*Special thanks to TrickyVein for the Shady Sands resources. Shady Sands would look a lot different if it weren’t for him.
*All resources from other mod developers are only used with the permission/consent of the developer*

What is the Follower system like in Fallout: The Story?
We have tried to create the original follower system used in the original Fallout. Followers aren’t just the nice guys who are only used as pack mules. We try to reflect this with several additions to the standard system used in Fallout: New Vegas. In the mod, followers will align themselves with factions in the game, so if you cross their faction/alliance, expect trouble! They also comment on the places the player will travel too. This allows for a more immersive experience by the player with the follower. Lastly, to allow the player a bit more interaction with their follower, we have decided to keep the ‘Companion Wheel’ from Fallout: New Vegas to make the use of your follower to be more fluid.

What is the Reputation system like in Fallout: The Story?
Fallout: The Story uses the Fallout: New Vegas reputation system. This system is a bit more complex than the original Fallout system, but we think it’s worth using.

Will Fallout: The Story using the original voice acting from the first game?
No. We are not allowed to use any sources outside the resources provided in the Fallout: New Vegas game and self produced ones because of legal reasons. Voice acting will be implemented during the later to last stages of development.


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